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IMG_7994[1]Yesterday when I was in   the airport, I walked through  a man on the gate of the United Airlines.

He was sitting on a chair  with a plastic cup  at the floor  and some newspapers at his hands.

I walked through him and I saw that he was calling me , but the truth is , I was with no patience for charity this particular morning, I was very sad because my vacation was over so I decided to go on and ignore.

But I know inside my heart  that I have a mission , and I couldn’t live without talking to him , so I went back.

He was giving a newspaper called (The Homeless Voice) , which I was  luckily to  get one .

This newspaper is full of information about a very nice organization called and COSAC Foundation .

They help and support a lots of  homeless people,  from their area  (Fourt Lauderdale – FL)

For me from all the things that I read , the most shocking  was to know that some states in USA is criminalizing the homeless, only to be homeless WHY????


this is the same of criminalizing the undocumented immigrants because they don’t have drivers license, whom just want to work to give a better lives to their families,

Unbelievable !

Before I had the chance to go through the newspaper I spoke with this guy , he told me about his difficulties and struggles but always with a beautiful  smile on his face.

He  said that he lives  in Florida for 8 years and he  and his whole family is from New Jersey, unfortunately they don’t help him and he finds comfort and love on this organization .

So I think today he has a new family, and also a new friend , because he will be always on my prayers and I want to help this organization .

I think that everything gets  into  our lives for a reason, and everybody  has a  message or a lesson to share with you, so was this man .

I got this message from their newspaper, and for me it was priceless …


They need ANGELS to help them continue with their mission , and today I really want to invite you to help them.






Homeless Voice Shelter

1203 North Federal Highway (US1)
Hollywood, FL 33020

Phone: (954) 924-3571


OBS: English is not my first language, and unfortunately I can’t hire right now somebody to revise all my posts , but I’m studying very hard to make it perfect.

So if you read something wrong can you please be kind and make a post to  help me          learn it ???

Thanks !

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